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Ten Principles

Ten Principles of The University Series: A Multi-Parish, Adult Education Program

The University Series is an attendance-raising program. Every part of the program is designed to increase interest and attendance. It is “friend-raising,” not fund-raising.

People will make a big commitment for a short time. The University Series is held only during Lent, a traditional time of renewal, faith formation, and personal growth. Its once a year schedule increases anticipation and assures time for promotional planning.

Programs are received in the manner in which they are given. Excellence, elegance, and attractiveness conveys that our faith is worth the effort and instills a sense of pride in being Catholic.

Educational language conveys learning and personal effort. People are more likely to invest tuition and the effort to attend when programs are presented as part of a “school.”

People value programs more that cost money and personal investment. People are more likely to rise to a challenge if it is a real challenge requiring some personal cost.

Tuition is designed to raise attendance. People do not like to attend alone. Each paid participant may bring a friend for free. Pass Cards allow entrance to the entire series. Registration irregularities always favor the student.

The University Series showcases each parish and its programs during Lent. The University Series showcases open invitation programs already scheduled in each parish as well as the team planned sessions.

All parishes are equal members of the University Series. Each parish has the right to suggest or refuse speakers and topics to be held in its facilities.

Adults like to know what they are getting into. The catalogs use detailed descriptions of classes as well as many pictures of actual University Series sessions.

Adults are more likely to attend practical sessions. They are most interested in sessions with clear, concise, and compelling content that they might be able to use in a practical way the very next day at work, at home, or at school.