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WH-01 Christians 1 - Romans 0: How did Christians defeat the Roman Empire?

The Roman Empire conquered the world with massive military might and grew to the size of the United States -- yet succumbed after only a few generations to a small obscure religion from former Galilee fishermen. How did this happen? How could a band of Christian men and women change the Roman Empire? What lessons can we today learn from them?

Fr. Dave Heney - Thursday, February 22nd - 7:30-9:00 pm - Beatitudes

WH-03 Excavating Jesus: Part I, Daily Life at the Time of Jesus

The latest archaeological trend is examining ancient daily life, and has produced amazing insights. How did people get over sickness, prepare and eat meals, and even find work? How do recent discoveries radically change the Christmas and Easter stories? Fr. Dave has led an archeological tour of the Holy Land every year for 13 years and brings those insights here, with plenty of time for your questions.

Fr. Dave Heney - Thursday, February 15th - 7:30-9:00 pm - St. Bruno

WH-05 Lunchtime Session: The Book of Jonah: Beyond the Great Fish

The Prophet Jonah was swallowed by a great fish for three days. Really? What is really going on here? Why does Jesus refer to Jonah several times in the Gospels as one of the most important stories of all? We need to know. This course examines the multiple levels of the Book of Jonah and its deep realities about faith today.

Fr. Dave Heney - Friday, March 02 - NOON: Lunchtime Session - St. Bruno

WH-07 Lunchtime Session: The Psalms: Prayer and Poetry, Direct from God

When you “say your prayers” you may say the Lord’s Prayer, the Hail Mary, or any number of traditional prayers. Let’s look at the 150 prayers inspired by God in the Psalms. They express a variety of powerful emotions and spirituality, from earthy to mystical, thanksgiving to regret, affection to deep resentment, jumping for joy to crying out from the depths of despair. Fr. Bill shows how they can enhance your spiritual life.

Fr. Bill Nicholas - Friday, February 23rd - NOON: Lunchtime Session - St. Bruno

WH-09 What is the real “inside story” of the Mass?

Why has the mass changed over the centuries? Why is it called the “foretaste of Heaven?” Where can it be found in Holy Scripture? Why is it so important? These and other questions will be discussed as we learn more about the Mass, the Holy Eucharist, and how the New Testament readings are hidden in the Old testament and the Old is revealed in the New.

Felipe Gregory Sasis - Thursday, March 22nd - 7:30-9:00 pm - St. Mary of the Assumption

WH-02 Visions of Your Future: The Book of Daniel

In addition to some terrifying visions, the Book of the Prophet Daniel contains two of the most mystifying stories (people protected even in a Fiery Furnace, and the Hand Writing on the Wall) and certainly one of the most beloved stories (Daniel safe in a Lion’s Den). Fr. Bill presents a brief history of the Jewish people relevant to the Book of Daniel and how we might find a sense of safety in our dangerous world today.

Fr. Bill Nicholas - Thursday, March 8th - 7:30-9:00 pm - St. Mary

WH-04 Lunchtime Session: Excavating Jesus: Part II, Latest Discoveries

Did National Geographic scientists discover the real tomb of Jesus in October, 2016? What does recent archaeology say about Jesus and Mary Magdalen? Has the home of Jesus been found? How do recent discoveries change our view of His childhood? Was there ever really a Moses, a King David, or Noah’s Ark? Science is bringing new insights everyday about our understanding of these biblical events.

Fr. Dave Heney - Friday, February 16th - NOON: Lunchtime Session - St. Bruno

WH-06 Lectio Divina: You Can Easily Read and Pray the Scriptures

The Bible can seem impossible to understand. In this session you will discover the ancient, simple, and yet profound way called Lectio Divina. Discover an easy method of reading, pondering, and praying the scriptures. Find out why the Bishops call Lectio Divina “ever ancient, ever new” and why the Pope believes that it will bring to the Church “a new spiritual springtime”.

Bruce Clark - Thursday, February 15th - 7:30-9:00 pm - Beatitudes

WH-08 “This Generation Shall Not Pass…”: How Jesus sees the end of time …and yours!

Do you ever worry about the end of the world? Just before Jesus is crucified, He speaks to his disciples about the “End Times.” Not His end …but yours! Fr. Bill presents the key points in Christ’s comments in the light of our Catholic understanding of “End Times” and how it relates to Church history …and your life.

Fr. Bill Nicholas - Monday, February 26th - 7:30-9:00 pm - Beatitudes