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WH-18 Evolution of Adam & Eve: What is really true about this story?

Where do we come from, Darwin or God? How do Bible stories agree with evolutionary science or not? What is the real Catholic understanding of our human origin, and just how does evolution fit in? Fr. Dave will describe how this story of Adam and Eve might be the most important in the entire Bible, the story that is most often misunderstood, and the only story we really need to know!

Fr. Dave Heney - Wednesday, February 28th - 7:30-9:00 pm - St. Mary

WH-20 Thirty-five Years of Shroud Science: A Personal and Scientific Perspective

The Shroud is the burial cloth that wrapped Jesus in His tomb. It shows the front and back of a whipped and crucified man, exactly as shown in the Gospels. Discovered centuries later, it is wrapped in mystery and controversy now. The question remains it authentic, or a medieval forgery? The Shroud is now the most studied religious artifact in history. An expert on photographic imaging and the official documenting photographer from the original 1978 team Shroud that performed the most comprehensive scientific analysis on the Shroud, Barrie shares only the peer-reviewed scientific evidence that convinces him, a Jewish man, that the Shroud is authentic. Come and judge for yourself.

Barrie Schwortz - Wed., February 21st - 7:30-9:00 pm - Beatitudes

WH-19 Big Bang and Catholicism: Origins of the Universe

How do science and Bible creation stories fit together …or not? Which is true? What is the surprising origin of the Big Bang theory? Can something really be created from nothing? Why does every major Catholic University have a Physics and Biology Department? Fr. Dave will clearly explain how both God and science reveal the truth of our universe …and with plenty of time for your questions.

Fr. Dave Heney - Wed., March 21st - 7:30-9:00 pm - Beatitudes

WH-21 Pope Francis, Climate Change, and Film

All three amazingly come together in this compelling talk by Loyola Marymount Professor of Film and Television Production, Fr. Luis Proenca. Pope Francis has given clear Church blessings to paying attention to our environment. What does that mean for you now? This talk will present the Pope’s ideas through compelling and dramatic film and video.

Fr. Luis Proenca - Thurs., March 8th - 7:30-9:00 pm - Beatitudes