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WH-14 Catholic Morality 101: Don't tell me what to do!

Do we have too many moral rules? Can we ever tell people how to live their lives? How do we actually know what is right and wrong? Who decides? The answers from Scripture and our Catholic tradition will surprise you. Fr. Dave provides a clear of understanding what is the right thing to do that will ensure a happier life. This class is ideal for Confirmation students to learn the single idea that governs all Catholic moral teaching.

Fr. Dave Heney - Fri., March 24 - 7:30-9:00 pm - St. Bruno

WH-15 Vatican II: What Was It?

What can it do for you? For many people, Vatican II means radical changes in the Mass. For fifty-years it has been both controversial and inspirational. What was Vatican II really about? How does it fit into the overall history of the Church? This course will present an overview of Church’s Councils, and a clear and easy to understand review of Vatican II and what it means for your future.

Fr. Bill Nicholas - Mon., March 20 - 7:30-9:00 pm - St. Bruno